The song "Pollen on Her Toes" was written by Gordon Norrell and Elaine Earl.  Elaine is a Waco artist who also has a painting in this climate exhibit.  The lyrics of this song are incorporated into her painting entitled "It's Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature." The song may also be considered a companion piece to the mixed media entry in this show by Susan Sistrunk entitled "The Last Great Defender." Both the song and paintings lament the serious loss of pollinating bee species due to human use of certain pesticides, especially the neonicotinoids. Loss of pollinators threatens plant survival, food production, and ultimately human survival. Loss of bees is also part of the ongoing 6th mass extinction, which is contributed to by the rising global temperatures of the climate crisis.

Gordon Norrell is available for performances.  He is interested in live appearances in venues that
adhere to the guidelines for COVID-19 social distancing. Gordon may be reached at 479-244-0553