Climate Change: What can YOU do?

  • VOTE for candidates committed to climate action

  • SUPPORT the Green New Deal

  • TALK about climate change

  • Use a 100% renewable energy provider (

  • Obtain a free rooftop solar estimate (profit long-term)

  • Walk, bicycle, use public transport

  • Drive a battery-electric car

  • Eat meatless Mondays, vegetarian or vegan (best); avoid food waste

  • Fly less and buy carbon offsets (

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and refuse

  • Home: insulate, unplug unused devices, LED bulbs, efficient appliances, cold water washing

  • Avoid bottled water, single-use plastic, and straws

  • Plant abundant trees, climate-friendly land use

  • Divest from fossil fuels; oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure

  • Join local climate activists (email

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